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Our tutors, researchers and editors have masters and doctoral degrees in a diverse range of academic areas including psychology, linguistics, statistics, economics, business studies and more.

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The Graduate School of Business and Governance (GSB&G) offers tutorial services and developmental training programmes in Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Postgraduate Diploma in Administration (PGDA) – each targeting a different level of management. The school also offers training curricula on Corporate Governance to Executives and Directors.

Our training programme provides you with a vital grounding in a broad spectrum of business and management disciplines, from accounting to finance and marketing to strategic management. Combined with the career development throughout the programme, you will graduate with the competitive edge you need when applying for your dream job.

What makes the training programme unique?

The IBAS training programmes are designed for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in a non-business discipline. The training gives students an opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of business and management, from accounting to strategic management to finance to marketing, in a collaborative, creative environment.

Learning outcomes for the MBA and PGDA training programme

  • Students will possess knowledge of current theory and techniques of the major business disciplines (i.e. the MBA/PGDA core courses).
  • Students will exhibit the leadership capacity and teamwork skills for business decision making.
  • Students will understand the ethical implication of business decision making and recognize ethical dilemmas.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  • Students will understand global perspectives.

We assist students in all Business School modules.

In a rapidly changing corporate environment disrupted by increased regulatory reforms, digitalisation, societal demands, capital markets and geopolitical shifts, much of the pressure and scrutiny is putting boards under the spotlight. The Editage Academy Corporate Governance Research Institute (CGRI) has been actively engaged in making a distinctive contribution to the knowledge and practice of corporate governance. Our vision is to be the leading Institute for research, innovation and impact in the area of corporate governance nationally. Our activities harness Editage Academy’s expertise in multiple disciplines across areas such as strategy, risk-management, decision making, finance, economics, governance and corporate compliance for in-depth insights and sustainable responses to the challenges facing directors in today’s increasingly complex and volatile environment.

The primary focus of the CGRI is to:

  • Develop outstanding business research on the major issues of corporate governance, to influence the thinking of policy makers, corporate leaders and institutional investors, and publish findings in leading financial and economics journals.
  • Stimulate academic dialogue by providing a regular platform for the academic and practitioner communities to regularly engage in productive dialogue on key corporate Governance issues and share research through seminars and conferences worldwide.
  • To provide research and insights on a broad range of issues facing corporations and boards of directors that includes executive compensation, board governance, CEO succession, and proxy voting.

The Institute focuses on a wide range of key governance issues including:

  • Introduction to King IV
  • Different ownership patterns and their rationale
  • The governance of financial institutions
  • Shareholder activism and stewardship
  • Leadership, ethics and corporate citizenship
  • Different shareholding structures and ownership/voting rights
  • CEO and board effectiveness
  • The adequacy of information flows to boards
  • The role and scope of corporate social responsibility
  • Latest global Governance trends

Executive & Director Training Courses

We have a wide range of specialist training courses delivered by our team of 15 professional tutors. Each training course is delivered by an expert course leader and tutor, who is also a specialist practitioner actively working in the relevant field of expertise. The course leaders are experts in development and communication, so you will benefit from top class knowledge, delivered in a very effective and efficient manner, by people who are technically outstanding and really know what works in practice.

  • Company Board Director Roles and Responsibilities, 2 Day Course
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers, 2 Day Course
  • Company Board Director Roles and Responsibilities, 1 Day Course
  • Company Secretary Roles and Responsibilities, 1 Day course

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