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Our tutors share a commitment to the development of high-quality educational practices. We lead engagements in all education segments; from early childhood, grade R-12 and higher education.

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Our tutors, researchers and editors have masters and doctoral degrees in a diverse range of academic areas including psychology, linguistics, statistics, economics, business studies and more.

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Editage Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECfE) is a unit within Editage Academy focused on supporting entrepreneurs. The ECfE’s main focus is to make Entrepreneurship education accessible to start-up, micro and small business entrepreneurs, especially those who have been underserved or marginalised. In doing so, our drive is to provide entrepreneurial skills to the youth, students and small business owners to develop sustainable, efficient enterprises that are able to employ more people.



Ignite is an intensive one-week training programme for aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate innovators to trial and prepare business ideas for the commercial environment. It will give you the tools, contacts and confidence to transform your idea into a successful business project or venture.

Accelerate Editage

Accelerate Editage offers teams of entrepreneurs a structured approach of two-month programmes that combine training, regular coaching and mentoring, as well as access to shared workspace.

SME Strategic Business Growth

Through the SME Strategic Business Growth programme, Editage Academy is helping businesses develop their organisation’s managerial skills and setting them up to grow.

Venture Creation Tours

Venture Creation Tours provide a hands-on experience where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if their start-up ideas are viable. Develop, test and launch your business in 54 hours.

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