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CSAR offers consultancy services in all aspects of research from initiation to completion. These consist of research designs, questionnaire validation, data collection, data capture, data analysis and report writing. We have know-how in research surveys, programme science and use of experimental and quasi-experimental techniques for impact evaluation.

The subject introduces students to contemporary perspectives in research, and in particular focuses on developing a range of skills involved in formulating a research proposal; including framing research questions, reviewing the literature and choosing appropriate methodologies for different types of study. The ways in which researchers from different research traditions use the different methods of collecting research data (for example, interview, questionnaire and observation) will be included. As the subject is intended to prepare students either for a research thesis or an industry-based project, some preliminary work on the development and administration of a research instrument (e.g., a questionnaire or an interview) is included.

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of the training students should be able to:

  • Search for, select and critically analyse research articles and papers.
  • Prepare a literature review.
  • Demonstrate the ability to choose methods appropriate to research aims and objectives.
  • Understand the limitations of particular research methods.
  • Develop skills in qualitative and quantitative data analysis and presentation.
  • Develop advanced critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate enhanced writing skills.
  • Gain experience with ethics proposals.
  • Design a research proposal.

Prices for this service (Dissertation Methodology with inclusions as listed above) start from R2600. For a customised package, you can get in touch with our representatives. If you need consulting for research methodology, then communicate with us through study@editageacademy.co.za.

Editage Academy has assisted many students with their dissertation. This includes coaching with the introduction, literature review, and discussion chapters.

In contrast to other consultants and corporations, we have a diverse staff experienced in a wide range of disciplines & majors. Moreover, each member of our staff holds a doctorate degree in their particular field of expertise to help you conduct first-rate research as well as offer you invaluable guidance on newly-emerging studies and seminal work to help you frame your literature review.

Editage Academy offers comprehensive coaching services to help perfect your literature review chapter. We do not write literature reviews. We work directly with you in a coaching capacity as you write your literature review to ensure your sources are related and relevant to your topic. The key to a thorough literature review is to contextualize your literature review with respect to existing research.

This service includes coaching and guiding you to:

  • Identify germinal and newly-emerging research
  • Evaluate current & past research
  • Detect any shortcomings in your literature review
  • Analyse current research in detail
  • Balance your literature review with numerous viewpoints and perspectives

Dissertation Data analysis forms the pivot around which the entire dissertation is developed. If the data analysis is not error free and valid, then the research results will not be reliable. However, considering the complexity which most data analysis projects involve, it is difficult to get accurate results if you are not conversant with the tests and tools of analysis. Also, the process of analysis is a lengthy one, starting with collection of valid and relevant data and ending with presentation of results in the correct format. With our consultation and data analysis service, you can be sure that your dissertation’s progress is quick and correct.

Scope of Work for Data Analysis

The service for statistical assistance for Masters and PhD Dissertation is comprehensive and covers both descriptive and inferential analysis apart from providing you with an interpretation report for the tests conducted using any of following tests (Not limited to them):

  • Regression and correlation analysis
  • Time series and index number
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Chi Square Test
  • Z test
  • T test
  • ANOVA or even at times MANOVA
  • Mann–Whitney Test

Editage Academy is being established with a viewpoint of providing high quality statistical services to a broad range of industry sectors that includes Academic, Corporate, Government and Non-Profit Companies. Based on our immense experience, we have been able to deliver services that are accurate, concise and extremely intrinsic to overall business and academic objectives. Our highly-qualified consultants, trained from reputed international and local universities are well experienced in supporting clients with the requisite skills and know-how to implement complex statistical analysis and research activities.

Why do you need to outsource Data Analysis to Editage Academy?

Our analytical team brings in-depth knowledge and domain expertise across a broad spectrum of industries. Coming from a wide variety of academic and commercial backgrounds our statisticians frequently participate in rigorous training sessions to reinforce fundamental practices and explore cutting-edge methodologies. We strongly believe in client success and growth; therefore, we maintain a partnership with a wide array of key technology vendors and services especially specialty and open source providers to offer digital and business analytical solutions. We create customised solutions across the digital value chain by understanding deep customer insights, product/service innovation, enhance cost management, and offer financial performance analysis.

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