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Our tutors share a commitment to the development of high-quality educational practices. We lead engagements in all education segments; from early childhood, grade R-12 and higher education.

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Our tutors, researchers and editors have masters and doctoral degrees in a diverse range of academic areas including psychology, linguistics, statistics, economics, business studies and more.

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Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) is the leading support environment for the effective and innovative use of technology for learning and teaching, enabling the institution to be at the heart of technology education in South Africa. We believe that tutoring and training in basic and higher education really matters. Therefore, our tutors share a commitment to the development of high-quality educational practices which promote innovation and the pursuit of excellence in learning and teaching.

Tutoring services play a key role in the overall success of any school, college or university, not just the overall success of the students being tutored. The mission for any tutoring service is to ensure academic excellence for the whole of the student body by providing a place, assistance, group of people, and/or the right resources to encourage pupils to seek help when and where the need it. We’ve led multiple on-site and online engagements in all education segments: early childhood, grade R-12 and higher education.

Tutoring is not a replacement for what can be learned in the classroom or from a professor or educator. However, it is a strong resource for learning that works closely with and alongside what happens in the classroom and in-home study.

If you are struggling in any subject, tutoring is a way to get a little extra help outside of the classroom. In addition, the tutor will be able to guide you through assignments and homework that may feel overwhelming otherwise.

You can also get help and grow in areas outside your direct or indirect study like learning time management skills and getting clarification on your assignments. The techniques you acquire during your tutoring sessions will stay with you past schooling, into your career, and for years to come.

Tutoring sessions are flexible. They can take place either at your home or online via Zoom, Skype or Teams. We match students with tutors based on academic needs. Also, if students or tutors need to adjust the schedule, they can always do so by contacting us. Tutors will submit their lesson plans prior to the sessions, and submit student progress report every five sessions, so that parents know how their children benefit from tutoring.

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  • Afrikaans
  • Business Studies
  • English
  • Life Science
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  • Accounting
  • Chemistry 
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Taxation
  • And more…
  • Afrikaans
  • English
  • French
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  • And more…

Academic Coaching differs from tutoring in many ways, but the most important distinction is one of focus. An Academic Coach focuses on developing core organisation and study skills in the context of the student’s current workload. A tutor typically focuses on the short-term re-teaching of subject specific content.

We help ensure that students make full use of their potential by integrating the skills they may develop in school with expanded opportunities and activities. An unfortunate, yet common, scenario that can occur even with the most talented student is to find that after working many productive years in school, the student is nonetheless unprepared for a successful college experience. Goals often set many years earlier by the parents and students become less attainable when missed opportunities or misdirected activities consume precious time and resources.

At Editage Academy, we want students to avoid missed opportunities. By staying in constant contact with the student, we help students plug the “gaps” in their educational plans and performance preventing important educational ideas, skills, and events from slipping through the student’s fingers.

By identifying and addressing student’s underlying fears, patterns and limiting beliefs they’ll be able to stop making excuses and start acting to achieve what they really want.

With our Academic Coaching services student can:

  • Improve their study skills
  • Enhance their level of motivation
  • Improve time management
  • Improve their grades
  • Get organised
  • Set and reach goals

Skills That Make A Difference

An important component of our academic coaching partnership is helping your student understand how their ‘use of time’ and ‘levels of organisation or disorganisation’ (paper, space, and technological data) impact their studies. This is important because with stress and nervousness it is easy for all of us to spin our wheels and accomplish less. In the process, living spaces, backpacks, and minds become less ordered so that finding what we need, such as information studied for tests, when we need it is faulty.

It will also be important to examine and fortify some ‘study skills, such as:

  • Reduce the stresses of school
  • Reading for comprehension
  • Developing a successful writing process
  • Taking and reviewing notes
  • Preparing for tests
  • Overcoming Test Anxiety

For scholars at the final stage of the dissertation or thesis journey (or those who want to provide a polished final draft for initial review), we’re proud to offer our comprehensive editing service. This extensive support includes sentence-level editing, formatting to style such as APA, and a reference audit.

Sentence-level editing includes attention to common proofreading needs, such as spelling, typos, and punctuation. In addition, final-stage dissertations commonly also require fine-tuning to ensure perfect grammar and sentence structure, and also to create a nice flow of content and to establish a scholarly tone. This sentence-level editing ensures that your writing has a smooth and polished presentation, meeting all scholarly writing expectations of your chair and other reviewers.

In addition to this sentence-level editing, you can be assured that all of your university’s formatting requirements will be addressed throughout, including formatting to APA style, which is actually the style that we work within most frequently. We address the gamut of detailed formatting rules applying to all segments of your dissertation, from body text and headings to references, citations, tables, and figures.

Business writing is integral to the success or catastrophe of your business. The messages you send to your clients and broader stakeholders will shape their impression of your business, your products, or your services. Many of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and corporate executives possess an impressive skill set of intelligence, problem solving, and strategic planning but often lack the skills required for effective external and internal communication. Editage Academy can help fill this gap. Our editors can ensure your best ideas are communicated clearly and effectively, thereby leading to large business gains for you and your company.

Our team will improve the grammar, flow, and readability of your business documents, thereby ensuring the language in your document is clearly stated and grammatically correct. Consequently, your customers and associates can focus on the effectiveness of your products and services without the distraction of errors in the text.

When you choose business editing with Editage Academy, our highly skilled editors will use the track changes feature in Microsoft Word to make suggested improvements to your document. Where appropriate, our editors may also leave comments to explain changes, make suggestions, and identify areas of the text that need clarification. You will then be able to review each suggestion individually, accept or reject suggestions, and make your own revisions in response to your editor’s feedback. You will also be able to use our secure project message board to communicate directly with your editor throughout the editing process. This system allows you to check on the progress of your document, provide information to clarify your intent, and receive important messages from your editor.

Our editors specialize in perfecting reports, white papers, newsletters, manuals, company profiles, press releases, websites, advertisements, and all types of business documents. Since our editors are available virtually 24/7, we can offer several turnaround options to support your business deadlines and to fit your budget. In fact, we offer some of the best prices in the industry without sacrificing quality. Feel free to compare our prices to that other editing companies; we are confident that you will find that our rates are a great value. We also offer prompt quotes so that you always know how much your project will cost before submission.

As an author, your work is your masterpiece. You dream about your characters, scribble notes about possible plot twists, and spend hours turning your creative thoughts into written words. However, because you often become so accustomed to reviewing your story, you can no longer be objective when reading the writing that you have created. You need the help of an outside editor. Editage Academy can help. Our editors offer an experienced, fresh set of eyes to review your manuscript and ensure your writing is clear, effective, and error free.

The experienced editors at Editage Academy will improve the grammar, flow, and readability of your creative works, thereby ensuring that the language in your manuscript is clearly stated and grammatically correct. Consequently, your readers can focus on your important message without the distraction of errors within your text.

Our editors specialise in perfecting your books, eBooks, letters, articles, blog posts, essays, and other author created texts. Since our editors are available virtually 24/7, we can offer several turnaround options to support your timeline and to fit your budget. In fact, we offer some of the best prices in the industry without sacrificing quality. Feel free to compare our prices to others; we are confident you will find that our rates are a great value. We also offer prompt quotes so that you always know how much your project will cost before submission.

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