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Our tutors share a commitment to the development of high-quality educational practices. We lead engagements in all education segments; from early childhood, grade R-12 and higher education.

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Our tutors, researchers and editors have masters and doctoral degrees in a diverse range of academic areas including psychology, linguistics, statistics, economics, business studies and more.

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The Editage Academy Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education (CECDE) is committed to putting young children first by ensuring quality care and education for the nation’s youngest and most susceptible citizens. The centre aims to do this by improving the early childhood development (ECD) services in South Africa through training, support and advice in the field of ECD.

CECDE provides training, support and advice in the field of ECD by offering training courses and programmes aimed at enhancing individual and organisational capacity by developing and disseminating resources and by carrying out research specifically related to the South African context.

Our CECDE programme also supports ECD centres become sustainable businesses to make a lasting economic and educational impact in the community through empowering the owners and managers with necessary business management skills to run profitable and quality-driven enterprises.

We walk alongside ECD centre owners through practical, on-site mediations to ensure that business and educational aspects are executed to meet the nutritional, cognitive, social, behavioural and educational needs of children in their formative years. It is critical that there is effective preparation of young children for school readiness through foundational learning phase.

Our training activities

  • Professional development for owners and educators in legal and business practices.
  • Formal educational training of ECD owners and educators.
  • Basic business training for ECD owners.
  • On-site mentoring and monitoring by trained fieldworkers.
  • Physical development and upgrade of ECD centres.
  • Addressing nutritional needs of ECD learners.

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